The PD9200 Electrified Latch (EL) Series exit devices combine life safety with the convenience and security of electronic access control systems. Available as rim or vertical rod panic-related hardware, these devices have a powerful 24V solenoid that retracts the latch and keeps it retracted until power is interrupted. Power consumption is automatically adjusted after the latch is retracted and the device can remain unlocked all day if so desired. The PD9200EL exit device can be applied to card readers, toggles, key switches, push buttons, and fire alarm systems.

EL devices require a special “booster” power supply – on PDPS12/24 U.L. Listed power supply equipped with one PD2ZONE controller board can operate one or two EL devices. If battery backup is required for keeping the latch retracted during a power failure, add the PDBB. If local jurisdictions require the device to be interconnected with the building fire alarm system, add the PDFA. To carry current to the door, use the PDEPT Power Transfer.

Typical applications include Hospitals, Office Spaces, Schools, Industrial Sites, Government Buildings, and Places of Assembly.

Features & Specification Sheet