LSDA 7/8″ Cam Lock Disc Tumbler Bright Nickel – KD

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Cam locks are used to secure cabinet doors, desk drawers, tool boxes and some machinery.

A variety of lengths are available for different material thicknesses and a selection of cams and stop washers make these locks multifunctional.

Disc tumbler locks use a common key profile, are rekeyable, and are available keyed alike or keyed differently.

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LSDA 7/8" Cam Lock Disc Tumbler Bright Nickel - KD




Cylinder Length 7/8in / 24mm


Size: 7/8″ cylinder length
Maximum Thickness: 9/16″ maximum panel thickness
Finish: Bright Nickel
Handing: Non-Handed
Diameter: 3/4″ diameter, flat on two sides
Cam: Equipped with straight and offset cams
Functions: Adjustable 90° or 180° rotation, one or two key pulls
Keying: Keyed different. Uses CompX Fort 54G or Ilco 1054G key blank.

Compatible with select key blanks manufacturered by All Lock, CCL, ESP, Hudson, Hurd, Lori, and CompX National

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